miércoles, junio 30, 2010

Maximus RED

PLUTON ROBOTICS from Digital Rebel Animation Studio on Vimeo.

Maximus Red (ex-baseball player) after several mistakes in the Boston Red Sox has to return to Pluton and work assembling robots everyday. But today it's not an ordinary day.
This is a little adventure only for fun and show our work in Digital Rebel Studio. Don't care about the story behind :P

SHORT ANIMATION by Digital Rebel Studio.
/ Direct by /
Luis Arizaga
/ Characters/ Modeling/ shaders/ render/ postproduction
Luis Arizaga
/ Animation /
Camilo Duarte
Jofre Balboa
Héctor Muñoz
/ Rigging /
Weimar Pambelé
*Thanks to Jofre Balboa for the sound FX ;)

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